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Satire - Keeping It Real About Zimbabwean Lives Matter With Adeola

ZANU-PF supporters were allowed to hold a rally/funeral with more than 50 people and no social distancing of any sort. Some animals are more equal than others.

The Children Of Zimbabwe Are Crying For Freedom. Solo demos by young Zimbabwean citizens. Leaders of tomorrow.

We are in politics because we want money - Thokozani Khupe, Zimbabwean Presidential Candidate

Linda Kasonde on the Zimbabwean Lives Matter Crisis.mp4
Linda Kasonde is a Zambian legal practitioner. Linda founded and runs Chapter One Foundation, an NGO that promotes and protects human rights and the rule of law. She also owns and runs her law firm, LCK Chambers. Linda rose to prominence as the first…

Janah Ncube on Zimbabwean Lives Matter.mp4
Janah Ncube a renowned human rights defender giving her perspective on the role of SADC and AU in countries that need help during political crisis. SHe speaks of the weaknesses and strengths of the regional frameworks for intervention.

Free our jornalists. We want a better Zimbabwe for all.

“Zimbabwe on the edge.” “Crisis in Zimbabwe.” “De facto state of emergency in Zimbabwe.” These are not my words but the banner headlines on South African television news channels this week.

An article published by ALex T. Magaisa in his weekly Big Saturday Read blog.

South African Minister for Social Development and ANC head of International Relations ,Lindiwe Zulu says there is a Political Crisis In Zimbabwe #ZimbabweanLivesMatter
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